Ball Bearing Provides Sealing And Lubrication

Baldor Electric has launched a Dodge-brand mounted ball bearing incorporating sealing and lubrication functions. Dodge Ultra Kleen ball bearings can extend equipment lifetimes in harsh, washdown-duty operating environments, such as food and beverage processing. They employ a 100 per cent stainless-steel bearing insert and feature a patented sealing system and a ball retainer that maintain lubrication and prevent washout in wet operating environments.

The new sealing system, Quadquard, consists of two patented features: a triple lip seal and a rubberised flinger. The triple lip seal offers three points of contact, keeping the lubricant in and contaminants out. This design maximises sealing with a minimal amount of drag, according to the company. The rubberised flinger is a moulded nitrile rubber component that is bonded to the flinger surface, providing an additional barrier to contaminants.

The rubber-baffled design on the external surface of the flinger enhances the removal of liquid as it rotates, while grease chambers on the internal surface of the flinger prevent lubricant from exiting the bearing. A new two-piece ball-retaining cage, called Maxlife, creates a grease compartment around each of the rolling elements. The compartments provide constant contact between ball and grease so an oil film always exists to prevent wear and to minimise friction and heat.

The compartmental construction holds in the grease and prevents it from being washed out. This design extends the life of the bearing and requires less frequent relubrication than standard designs, according to the company. A 65-degree spacing of the setscrews is intended to provide excellent locking force without compromising the strength of the inner ring, while a stainless anti-rotation pin prevents the insert from rotating in the housing.

The stainless housing is made with 300 grade steel. Polymer-housed versions have an added antimicrobial agent that retards bacteria and fungus growth. Both housing styles contain all-stainless hardware and fittings, as well as stainless-steel inserts. All versions feature a solid, flat base that has no cavities or areas that can provide a site for bacterial growth. For additional protection, the housings are machined with a groove to accept a snap-on polymer end cover to cover exposed, rotating shafts and create safer working conditions.

These covers incorporate a drain hole to prevent moisture build-up. Dodge Ultra Kleen bearings are offered in a variety of stainless-steel and polymer housings. The range is available in a range of imperial and metric sizes, from 20mm to 50mm.


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