Baldor Unveils Sealing System And Bearing At Total

Baldor will introduce the Quadguard sealing system and Ultra Kleen mounted ball bearing at the Total exhibition, which will take place at the NEC Birmingham, 25-27 May 2010. Ultra Kleen is a Dodge-brand bearing that features a 100 per cent stainless-steel bearing insert and a new sealing system and ball retainer that retain lubrication and prevent washout in wet operating environments. The new Quadguard sealing system has a triple lip seal and a rubberised flinger. The triple lip seal offers three points of contact to keep lubricant in and contaminants out.

The rubberised flinger is a moulded nitrile rubber component that is bonded to the flinger surface and provides an additional barrier to contaminants. A two-piece ball-retaining cage called Maxlife also aids reliability by creating a grease compartment around each of the rolling elements. The compartments provide constant contact between ball and grease so an oil film always exists to prevent wear and minimise friction and heat. The new bearings complement the existing Dodge EZ Kleen range, which is widely used in food industry automation. New 'smart' drives offer space- and cost-saving solutions for single-axis automation requirements in an Ethernet-compatible form.

The standalone drives are compatible with Baldor's Mint motion-programming language. This allows them to be configured to perform basic motion-control requirements such as relative and absolute moves, S-ramp profiles, jog and homing movements, registration moves and reacting to real-time trigger events. The programming facility allows standalone drives to provide solutions for common movement automation tasks such as cutting or feeding to length, indexing moves, simple pick-and-place motion and adjusting machinery for new batches.

The new programming capability can also improve the PLC interfacing capabilities of process automation equipment. Every drive manufacturer offers a defined process data-exchange interface with PLCs, or a 'drive profile' utility. The ability to program these drives means this interface may be adapted, perhaps to simplify the communications process or to optimise drive behaviour for a specific application.


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