Baker Hughes Selects Yorky Oilfield Grinder

Broadbent Stanley and the GAC Group have delivered their fifth Yorky Type 'O' oilfield grinder following their purchase of the machine's design and manufacturing rights. The latest order was received from the Baker Hughes Group for the installation at the Baker Oil Tools, Baku facility in Azerbaijan.

Arthur Mowat from Mobar, a machine tool sales and service specialist, said Baker Hughes approached the company initially on a consultancy basis to locate an oilfield grinder for them. Mowat contacted a number of companies, including Broadbent Stanley to evaluate their products. It became apparent that Broadbent Stanley's Yorky grinding machine was the most suitable for the job; it was said to be the only purpose-designed, heavy duty machine with a hollow spindle and traversing wheelhead, rather than the traversing table type.

Available in manual, semi-automatic or full CNC guise, it was specially designed to accommodate all oilfield grinding applications from casings to stabilisers, drill heads and hydroclean bars, along with all types of mills, reamers and fishing tools. As the Baku facility applications are mainly for 'one-off' fishing tools, the manual version was deemed ideal.

Optional equipment included an internal attachment for grinding the fishing tool bores and a series of quills to grind from 1-6in, in inch increments. The Yorky has a 44in (1118mm) swing over the slides with 120in (3048mm) between centres with the hollow spindle diameter of 12.2in (310mm). Maximum component length is 472in (12m) with a weight of 11000lb (5000kg).


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