AVX Varistor Series Can Withstand Multiple Strikes

AVX has expanded its multilayer Transguard varistor series to include an 85VDC rating in a 1210 case size. Designated the VC121085S151 series, the single-chip solution provides bidirectional transient voltage protection in the on-state and good EMI/RFI attenuation in the off-state.

Equipped with sub-nS turn-on time, the 85VDC varistor has the ability to withstand multiple strikes and provides good energy and current handling capability while protecting sensitive circuits from over-voltage conditions caused by ESD, lightning, NEMP and inductive switching. In addition, the VC121085S151 series devices have a peak current rating of 250A.

The VC121085S150 series is said to be ideal for DC/DC converters on hybrid electric vehicles; aftermarket automotive accessories such as GPS and audio equipment; renewable energy modules using a 48V BUS such as wind-powered chargers, solar panels and inverters; as well as commercial and military vehicles.


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