AST Booklet Outlines Transmitter Capabilities

American Sensor Technologies has released a 10-page booklet outlining its pressure- and position-transmitter capabilities for the energy, oil and gas industry. The booklet focuses on five categories of applications within the energy sector, including extraction, offshore drilling, sub-sea pipeline monitoring, storage tanks and gas compression.

Each category then highlights the advantages to using pressure- and position-measurement transmitters, the common applications and how AST's technology applies. Customer application photos are included to help the reader to visualise the use of the products in each application. The 'Energy, oil and gas capabilities' booklet features a breakdown of the AST products and their UL, CSA and Cnex approvals for use across North America and Asia, including explosion-proof, non-incendive and intrinsically safe areas. AST will also be expanding its product line with the addition of ATEX to support European and Middle-Eastern markets.


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