ASI Launches 64-bit PDXpert PLM Software

Active Sensing (ASI) has introduced a 64-bit native version of its PDXpert product lifecycle management (PLM) software. PDXpert runs in true Windows 64-bit mode, not just WOW64. PDXpert's re-designed setup program is designed to provide fast and simple installation. A single downloadable installer includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the PDXpert server and client, and automatically installs the appropriate database software.

The resulting PDXpert system, which includes a starting configuration, can be fully operational in 15 minutes. Both 32-bit and 64-bit PDXpert versions may be intermixed on the same network. An expanded client-side cache reduces server requests, while PDXpert's search indexes part, document and change forms to quickly display relevance-ranked results. ASI's product website (BuyPLM) provides free, fully-functional trial software via download; helpful on-line training materials; attractive published pricing; and flexible perpetual- and subscription-based licensing alternatives.

Any questions raised are answered by a support team. A complete single-user PDXpert PLM 2010 Edition system starts at just USD999 (GBP663), and volume discounts are available. An all-inclusive subscription licence costs USD25 per month. PDXpert PLM software release 6.1 is available now from the BuyPLM website.


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