Aras Provides Aras Innovator Suite To Medical Firm

Carestream Health has selected the Aras Innovator suite as its enterprise PLM backbone for product level information. Aras Innovator provides Carestream Health with advanced PLM functionality and a modern Microsoft-based platform for global product development and supply-chain integration for improved collaboration. Carestream Health will deploy the Aras enterprise PLM software in a series of phases, providing a product level information backbone for global product-commercialisation processes and supplier collaboration worldwide.

Aras will be rolled out in support of global product development to more than 3,000 global users and supporting suppliers in the US, Canada, China, Israel and France. Aras Innovator is based on an enterprise open-source business model and powered by advanced model-based SOA technology. Aras's architectural approach and comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality ensure customers can quickly deploy and iteratively adapt their PLM environment in a fraction of the time required by conventional enterprise PLM/PDM systems. Aras delivers highly scalable, flexible and secure PLM solutions across a spectrum of product development, supply chain, sales, quality and manufacturing applications.


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