Alfamag Announces 50/60Hz Toroidal Transformers

Alfamag Electronics has introduced a line of PCB-mount 50/60Hz toroidal transformers, ranging from 1.6VA through 50VA. These transformers are said to offer advantages over traditional E-I or U-I types. The cores are produced from a continuous strip of high-grade silicon steel and the windings are placed concentrically around the core. This magnetic path lacks air gaps or discontinuities, thereby optimising the use of magnetic flux for power transformation and reducing idling currents when the load is removed. Other advantages include: low profile; low magnetic field radiation; acoustic noise virtually eliminated; high efficiency; low leakage losses; and high isolation (4,000VAC primary to secondary). The transformers are suitable for a wide range of applications, including professional audio equipment, computer peripherals, compact linear power supplies, medical equipment and lighting applications. All of the different VA ratings and output specifications can be viewed on the company's website.


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