Alcoa Unveils Pro XL Recoil Thread Repair Kit

Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) has launched the latest Recoil thread repair kit in the UK. The Pro XL Series, which replaces both the previous Pro Series and the standard range, contains a combined tap wrench and installation tool, with the tap holder set in its handle, a drill, a magnetic tang break-off tool and up to 15 inserts.

Contained in a box with a transparent lid, the magnetic tool enables blind-hole tang removal, ensuring that none are left in the application after installation, while a pivotal tool holder gives users access to, and the neat storage of, the kit's components. Its HSS taps are suitable for use on aluminium, magnesium, cast iron and most machinable steels. Recoil thread repair kits are predominately used to repair damaged threads in a variety of automotive applications, such as wheel bolts, spark plugs, brake callipers, oil sump and drain plugs, as well as a number of electronics, power generation and other general industrial applications.

The Pro XL Series kit can also be used to create strong new threads in small-volume manufacture. Although variable depending on size, recommended retail prices for the most popular in the range are: GBP22.60 metric (M8-1.25); GBP21.57 Unified National Fine (UNF) 1/4 -28; and GBP20.55 for Unified National Coarse (UNC) 1/4-20. The Recoil kit comes with a six-month warranty and may be ordered through authorised AFS distributors.


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