ADS-Tec Uses Teamcenter To Manage Product Data

Siemens PLM Software has announced that ADS-Tec, a provider of IT solutions and products for the industrial sector, has selected Teamcenter software to centrally manage all of its product data. Teamcenter is currently being used in ADS-Tec's Computer and Network unit, which handles the development and sale of IT infrastructures and products, such as tablet PCs and terminals.

The company also plans to migrate its Machines and Systems unit in the automation division to Teamcenter. 'Teamcenter, which replaces existing legacy solutions, is the first commercial software we have used as a standard system for product lifecycle and process data management,' said Markus Speidel, chief executive, ADS-Tec.

'It provides us with requirements management features and we can easily manage all product data via its open architecture,' he added. ADS-Tec plans to use Teamcenter for mechanical construction and for electronics and software development activities. The software provides ADS-Tec with a PLM solution to master complex development processes and ensure the quality of product data. Teamcenter also supports requirements-management features for customers, markets and products.


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