Acces Launches USB-Based DAQ And Control Modules

Acces I/O Products has added the USB-AO series of small form-factor USB-based data acquisition (DAQ) and control I/O modules to its product offering. The USB-AO16-16A is a high-speed USB 2.0, multifunction board that features 16 channels of 16-bit resolution analogue outputs along with two 16-bit analogue inputs and 16 digital I/O lines - all packaged in a small and rugged industrial enclosure. This module can be used in any PC or embedded system with a USB port and is said to be an ideal choice for embedded system and test designers.

The USB-AO16-16A can be used in an assortment of USB-based embedded applications that require stable and accurate output signals. Ideal applications include light control, motion control and process control. The USB-AO series includes 10 models. The boards feature both unipolar and bipolar output ranges; additional specific ranges can be achieved as factory options. All analogue output channels can be updated either individually or simultaneously.

System calibration specific to user requirements can be performed via a provided, easy-to-use software utility. Automatic circuits limit analogue outputs to 0V until initialised via software command. A micro-fit USB header connector is provided in parallel with the high retention type B connector and can be used for stacking and embedded applications. Accessories include a variety of cables and screw terminal boards for quick and easy connectivity.

The USB-AO series was designed to be used in rugged industrial environments but is small enough to fit onto any desk or testing station. The board measures 3.550 x 3.775in and ships inside a steel powder-coated enclosure with an anti-skid bottom. A DIN rail mounting provision is available for installation in industrial environments. The OEM USB/104 option's PCB size and pre-drilled mounting holes match the PC/104 form factor (without the bus connections). This is said to ensure easy installation using standard standoffs inside most embedded enclosures or systems.

The USB-AO series can be integrated into any PC/104-based stack by simply connecting it to a USB port included on-board with embedded CPU form factors such as EBX, Epic and PC/104. The USB-AO series utilises a high-speed custom function driver optimised for maximum data throughput. This approach is said to maximise the full functionality of the hardware along with capitalising on the advantage of high-speed USB 2.0.

The USB-AO series is supported for use in most operating systems and includes a free Linux (including Mac OSX) and Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 compatible software package. This package contains sample programs and source code in Visual Basic, Delphi, and Visual C++ for Windows. Also provided is a graphical setup program in Windows. Third-party support includes a Windows standard DLL interface usable from the most popular application programs, and includes Labview VIs. Embedded OS support includes Windows Xpe.


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