Accelerometer Has Digital Temperature Compensation

Meggitt Sensing Systems has announced the launch of Endevco model 7290E, a high-precision variable capacitance accelerometer with integral digital temperature compensation. The 7290E is designed for accurate measurement of low-frequency events and is said to offer best-in-class thermal zero shift and sensitivity-shift performance. Available in seven models ranging from 2 to 150g, the Endevco model 7290E incorporates a variable capacitive sensing element with gas damping and internal over-range stops, which enable the transducer to withstand high shock and acceleration loads.

Available in a range of excitation voltages and choice of differential or single-ended output, as well as cable lengths, Endevco model 7290E offers +0.2 per cent FSO typical non-linearity and hysteresis for most ranges, with superior frequency response, according to the company. With its excellent bandwidth, precision accuracy and high shock survivability, the Endevco model 7290E is suitable for use in aircraft flight and flutter testing, automotive rough-road body-motion studies, suspension systems tests, railroad testing and train-tilt control, centrifugal force, launch loading and acceleration, and short-term navigation.

Recommended accessories for use with model 7290E include the Endevco model 136 signal conditioner and the model 7990 triaxial mounting block.


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