ABB Provides Line Protection For Residential Tower

Berkeley Homes (Southern) has installed line-protection devices from ABB in the Gunwharf Quays tower development in Portsmouth. The development will be protected by a mix of ABB Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) And Residual Current Breakers with overload protection (RCBO), to provide protection against overloads, short circuits and electrical failures and delivering reliability and safety for residents.

The development includes numerous variants of ABB's System ProM compact MCB S200 series, from 6A to 32A, designed to immediately interrupt the supply in the event of a fault.nlike fuses, which are destroyed when an electrical fault is detected, MCBs can be either manually or automatically reset to resume normal operation. ABB's MCBs satisfy the requirements of BSEN 60898-1, the British Standard for circuit breakers for overcurrent protection in household and similar installations.

ABB's residual current breakers with overload protection (RCBO) combine the benefits of a residual current device (RCD) with the overcurrent protection of MCBs. They work by detecting the leakage current and quickly reacting to prevent electrocution and ensure personal safety, as well as preventing equipment damage from overcurrents. The development also includes ABB's isolator switches, enabling the building's main electrical circuits to be completely isolated for service or maintenance, so that any work can be safely carried out.


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