A700 Series Measures Vector Acceleration

Sherborne Sensors has announced the US debut of the A700 high-precision MEMS-based (variable capacitive) solid-state accelerometers, which measure single or dual-axis vector acceleration. Available in ranges from +/-0.5 to +/-5.0g, with DC response capabilities, the A700 series features an advanced MEMS sensor, incorporating air damping. Unlike fluid-damped devices, air damping is independent of temperature, which enables the transducer to reliably perform over a wide temperature range.

Units are fully compensated for the effects of temperature on both sensitivity and zero. This range of accelerometers also incorporates positive mechanical stops in a lightweight (less than 50g) durable aluminium-alloy package, conferring excellent shock resistance and providing reliable over-ranging protection. The A700 series accelerometers are designed to operate from an unregulated DC power source, with a self-test feature on both axes.

They are supplied with an integral shielded sensor cable with built-in strain relief, which may also be fitted with an optional electrical connector. An available model variant incorporates a temperature sensor that enables each unit to be individually characterised over its operational temperature range. A supplied characteristic error-correction equation helps minimise measurement uncertainties due to zero offset, sensitivity error and linearity, thermal zero shift and thermal sensitivity shift. By entering equation coefficients into the host operating software, cost-effective high-precision measurements with accuracies better than +/- one milligram can be achieved.

The A700 range is suited for a variety of applications, including data-acquisition systems, crash recorders, fatigue life monitoring and prediction, mass transit monitoring and deceleration controls, high-speed railway fault-detection equipment, military and civil flight simulators, and geophysical and seismic studies. All A700 series accelerometers are 100 per cent tested and calibrated at the factory prior to shipping and are accompanied by a two-year warranty. Units are also included under the new Sherborne Sensors Guaranteed On-Time Delivery program.


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