60-Net UPS Provides 10-20kVA Of Back-Up Power

Chloride has launched the 60-Net, a UPS designed to provide between 10kVA and 20kVA of back-up power. The 60-Net offers double conversion technology, previously available only to larger data centres. With a footprint of just 0.27m2, it is even suitable for small IT facilities. Built-in batteries and a modular design mean that the 60-Net offers a minimum of 30 minutes of guaranteed power and desktop-style usability.

Its near-unity input power factor (better than 0.99) ensures that it draws the minimum possible input current for any given system load. This characteristic, together with a total harmonic distortion (THDi) of less than five per cent, makes it suitable for operating with an existing diesel generator without the need for oversizing. The 60-Net can support all types of balanced three-phase loads and unbalanced loads.

Rob Tanzer, Chloride's technical support manager, said: 'Up to eight units can be set up in parallel to protect growing critical loads, while the 60-Net is unique in its ability to supply uninterrupted power to any leading or lagging load power factor within its nominal rating. 'This means that the unit could support any future type of load - that may have some unknown electrical characteristic - without the user paying a price in terms of decreased efficiency or the need to buy additional equipment,' he added.

The 60-Net is based on Chloride's double conversion technology with a DSP-based IGBT inverter. The output can be used as a conventional three-phase supply or each output phase can be individually used to support 230V one-phase critical equipment loads. According to the company, the 60-Net has an optimised trade-off between harmonic rejection and efficiency.


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