Zero-Max Overload Safety Couplings Provide Torq Limiting And Coupling Functions In A Single, Compact Unit

Zero-Max Torq-Tender Overload Safety couplings protect critical rotating power transmission components from torque overloads. Torq-Tenders serve both as a safety device and as a coupling in a power transmission system.

Protecting motor and drive systems from jam-ups and excessive overloading, Torq-Tenders are extremely effective. Torq-Tenders can be manufactured for systems requiring frequent washdowns such as food manufacturing and packaging applications. With the addition of an O-ring seal and simple housing modifications, Torq-Tenders resist contamination and are easily washed.

Simplicity of operation is an important Torq-Tender benefit. When a power transmission system's load exceeds the preset precision-tempered torque spring rating, the Torq-Tender's drive mechanism pivots out of an engagement slot, disengaging the prime mover from the load providing overload protection. When the overload is removed and the speed is reduced, the Torq-Tender resets itself automatically. The single position re-engagement point maintains equipment timing and positioning.

Available in torque ranges from 2 to 3000 in-lbs., Torq-Tenders provide tamper proof preset torque settings. The precision torque settings do not require costly and potentially risky calibration procedures.

As a coupling, the Torq-Tender can handle up to 1.5 degrees of angular misalignment and a maximum parallel misalignment of 0.005 to 0.015 inch.

"Torq-Tender couplings are an inexpensive way to protect expensive complex drive systems from torque overloads," reports Kevin Wells, Zero-Max Regional Sales Manager. "Torq-Tender couplings provide a dual function as a coupling and an overload safety device. They provide overload protection for paper converting, packaging, printing and PCB fabrication systems."

Torq-Tenders are available in many standard sizes. From the smallest, TT1X (torque ranges 2 to 60 in-lbs) to the largest TT4X (torque ranges 750 to 3000 in-lbs), there are many precision preset factory torque ratings available. Additional Torq-Tender designs for a variety of mounting configurations are detailed in a new catalog.


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