The ELEMENT On/Off and Control Valve Range

Give your plant a competitive edge. The new ELEMENTs of success.

As a modular program they can be combined in a broad array of configurations to be perfectly suited to your exact process. With backlit displays and colored status lights, you are able to quickly determine diagnostic messages at a glance. The beautiful stainless steel design means they are specially suited for the requirements of both environmentally aggressive and hygienic areas. They are easy to clean, deliver excellent precision across a wide range of fluids and look stunning.

Here you find additional data about the our ELEMENT products:
  • On/Off system: Type 8801
  • Continuous system: Type 8802
  • On/Off valves: Type 2100 | Type 2101
  • Control valves: Type 2300 | Type 2301
  • Diaphragm valve: Type 2103
  • Control heads: Type 8690 | Type 8691 | Type 8695
  • Positioners and process controllers: Type 8692 | Type 8693 | Type 8694 | Type 8696


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