VPX Backplanes for the Most Demanding Applications: Data Transfer Rates of 40 Gbit/s

As the successor to VMEbus, the VPX specification allows a wide range of software protocols, and in particular, superfast serial data transfer. These include PCI Express, RapidIO and Ethernet. Schroff has also developed new backplanes for the specification.

Two 3 U VPX backplanes are now available for customers. The first of these is a 5-slot full mesh VPX backplane, the second a 7-slot Single Star Open VPX backplane. Backplanes with other numbers of slots and topologies compatible with the Open VPX specification (VITA 65) and 6 U versions are in preparation. The 5-slot 3 U full-mesh unit has a slot spacing of 0.8" for standard air-cooled boards. The 7-slot 3 U Single Star backplane has a slot spacing of 1" with additional, height-reduced screw-on positions for conduction-cooled assemblies (CCAs). Both VPX backplanes, like other Schroff high-speed backplanes (AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and CompactPCI), are laid out to design rules for 10 Gbit/s on one differential pair or 40 Gbit/s on four differential pairs.

The 5-slot backplane is equipped with power bugs, allowing use of existing open-frame power supply units. Alternatively, the backplane can be combined with a Schroff power backplane, which in turn can be used with a plug-in CompactPCI PSU. On the 7-slot backplane the power bugs are attached via the additional height-reduced rows of fixing holes to special press-in threaded bolts by locking nuts.


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