Gap Free Temperature Recording - Analyze Temperature Data even without a PC

The temperature data logger TRED30-7 is a brand new addition to the LogTag data logger series and predestined for gap free temperature recording where key information needs to be assessed on site without access to a PC.

Its comprehensive display and integrated statistics memory allow displaying the current temperature value and any day alarms as well as reviewing minimum, maximum and alarm duration for the last 30 days. This is a clear advantage for a number of applications: monitoring of cold storage and refrigerators, during a transport or in all applications where a PC for data download is not at hand.

The TRED30-7 can capture up to 7,770 logs; a choice of 1.5 m or 3 m long remote probe allows temperatures from -40°C to as high as +99°C to be recorded. Data are transferred to the PC via the LogTag interface, where the intuitive and comprehensive LogTag Analyzer software allows analysis in graph or list form, notification via e-mail and upload to an FTP server.


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