Nylacast Make a 'Bald' Statement for Charity

10 am on the 19th of August 2011 marked a day of change for 4 key members of the Nylacast team, as they struck up the courage to shave their heads, making a ‘bald' change in aid of supporting local Leicestershire based charity Prostaid.

The four volunteers who took the cut included Ian Mallabone (Nylacast Group HR Manager), Martin Payne (Nylacast QHSE Manager), Richard Metcalf (Nylacast Customer Services) and Nigel Price (Nylacast Sales Engineer).

A special thank you goes out to Nigel Price, who bravely and very kindly shaved his hair (previously 50cm in length) after growing accustomed to it for 25 years!!  And Richard Metcalf, who fearfully commented, "My wife is going to kill me when I get home!"

Robert Banner, Manager and Trustee of Prostaid, who was in attendance at the fundraising event announced, "Every week 5 men die and 11 are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland".  In an effort to increase awareness of the cancer as part of Nylacasts employee health & wellbeing club, the company will be holding a series of free seminars on the disease which will be held in conjunction with Prostaid.

Ian Mallabone commented, "The health & well being of our employees is very important to us. This is the second set of health related events for us following a Look After Your Lungs campaign earlier in the year.  Being able to raise the awareness with our employees on such a sensitive subject and raise money in the process for a really good cause is fantastic."

The charity cut event was a fun way of raising money for the charity and colleagues of the volunteers who turned up to watch were proud of the commitment and dedication they had made and shown to the cause, however there was also another reason behind the event and contribution from Nylacast which stemmed a little closer to home, as Martin Payne said, "I wanted to dedicate my involvement in this very worthy cause to an ex work colleague of mine, John Walker, who I worked with for over 30 years. Unfortunately John died of prostate cancer in May earlier this year. Had he been more aware of the disease and the treatments available I am sure there is a good chance he could have still been around with us today."

The fundraising cause has helped to raise close to £1000 so far within the space of a week and this figure is rising.

Nylacast would like to encourage you all to dig deep and donate to this great cause and help us in the fight against prostate cancer, whether its £1 or £100 any amount is greatly appreciated.


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