Lincoln Electric Updates Outback® 145 Engine Driven Welder With A Kohler® Engine

Lincoln Electric has updated their increasingly popular Outback® 145 with a Kohler® engine. This machine is ideal for jobsites and outdoor welding applications that require a machine that is rugged, easily portable and includes a reliable generator. This unit is specifically designed for contractors, maintenance crews, farmers and ranchers, as well as for use on service trucks where portable DC stick welding and AC generator power is needed.

The new Outback 145 comes with a Kohler 9.5 HP Model CH395 OHC (overhead cam) gasoline engine. Features include a cast iron cylinder liner for long engine life and automatic shutdown for low oil level and a three-year engine warranty.

The unit delivers 145 amps of smooth DC output welding for use with up to 1/8 inch stick electrodes on steel, stainless steel, cast iron and hardfacing projects. Its single, full-range, calibrated welding output dial makes it easy to set the best current for any maintenance, fabrication or repair project.

The Outback 145’s high-capacity AC generator provides 4,750 watts peak power and 4,250 watts of continuous power for accessories such as grinders, work lights and pumps. It can also provide emergency backup power if needed. A low-cost Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® 140C or POWER MIG® 180C compact MIG wire welders can also be plugged into the 240V receptacle without an adapter for high-productivity wire welding.  

Weighing 234 lbs., the Outback 145 includes Lincoln’s exclusive Low-Lift™ grab bars, providing increased leverage for lifting the unit on and off truck beds and extra protection against damage.

The rugged 1-1/4 inch diameter tube frame is the largest in its class and affords sturdy all-around protection. The 6.8-gallon fuel tank offers extended run times and less frequent refueling than comparable welder/generators. The tank also includes a large fill opening.


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