Eriez® Hydroflow® Portable Tramp Oil Separator Features Compact Design for Small Metalworking Plants

The compact design of the Eriez® Hydroflow® Portable Tramp Oil Separator is an ideal choice for small
metalworking plants. The high-speed centrifuge built into the portable separator delivers exceptionally clean fluid with tramp oil levels below 0.5 percent and metallic solids in the 2 to 5 micron range.

Reducing tramp oil is a high priority for all metalworking shops. Excess tramp oil leads to smoke, mist and bacterial infestation of the metalworking fluids, and adversely affects surface finish and reduces tool and dimensional tolerance control. Installing the Eriez Portable Tramp Oil Separator extends the life of coolants and cleaners, improves machining and preserves valuable tools.

Eriez’ Portable Tramp Oil Separator recycles fluids at the sump by placing two hoses directly into the machine sump, removing free and emulsified tramp oils from water miscible coolants and aqueous cleaners while the machine tool continues to operate. Features of the Portable Tramp Oil Separator include stainless steel hood and bowl, built-in clean fluid centripetal discharge pump, quick disconnects on feed and discharge, strainer and 50-micron cleanable pre-filter and air pump, and floating skimmer for feed.

The simple operation of the Portable Tramp Oil Separator is perfect for small metalworking plants with a
limited crew. The stainless steel bowl can be easily dismantled for cleaning and the automatic shut-off kicks
in when the tramp oil collection tank is full.


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