New 180mm Frame Size Exlar Servomotors Uses Patented T-Lam Stator Technology to Provide Highest Torque in Class

Inmoco has extended its Exlar range of SLM brushless servomotors with a new, top-of-the-range 180mm frame size that offers users high levels of peak torque (69Nm) from the smallest package available. This performance is the result of T-LAM™ stator technology, which is employed across the SLM range, providing 35% to 70% more torque and higher efficiency than conventional high-speed brushless servomotors with equivalent frame sizes.

The SLM servomotors are a family of motion products designed to offer the OEM outstanding performance, quality and customisation possibilities. The excellent torque performance and efficiency provided by the motors is the result of a design harnessing the combination of high-density Neodymium iron boron magnets and the limited heat generation qualities inherent in the new T-LAM™ segmented stator design. In particular, the elimination of end turns in the stator, and the use of thermally conductive potting removes the parts most susceptible to failure in a traditional stator. The design also benefits from interface insulation against the high voltage and currents of today’s servo drives, and from Class 180 -H insulation that complies with UL requirements.

The SLM range covers five frame sizes; 60mm, 90mm, 115mm 142mm and 180mm; these units providing maximum continuous torque in the range from 1.69Nm to 69.10Nm at base speeds from 5,000rpm to 2,400rpm. The servomotors are of a rugged brushless construction, enabling them to withstand the rigours of the factory floor with minimum levels of maintenance. They also benefit from high levels of sealing, including epoxy-coated housings and IP65 ingress protection, for use in demanding environments.

The suitability of the SLM servomotors for OEM use is further enhanced by the convenient connection options available; MS connectors with embedded leads, or embedded leads with cable plugs, and by the feedback options, which enable the servomotors to be used with almost any commercially available servo amplifier.
A wide range of options, including special shafts, mountings, stators and housing materials are available to customise the SLM servomotors to meet specific OEM requirements. In addition, the servomotors can be supplied with an integral power-off brake. With power removed this locks the actuator shaft securing the external load.

The size and performance capabilities of the SLM units mean that they are ideally suited to challenging motion applications across a wide range of industries. A typical list of these includes: Machine Tools, Printing, Process Control, Materials Handling, Automatic Assembly, Web Processing, Robotics Packaging Machinery, Coating, Testing and Aerospace.


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