Advantech DSS-600 Series: Multi-touch, All-in-One Interactive Signage with Full HD Display

Advantech, the embedded platform and integration services provider, is happy to announce the DSS-600 series of integrated interactive signage displays. The all-in-one systems are truly interactive, and they deliver full HD playback on 42” or 55” screens. The vandalproof metal chassis are equipped with special grooves allowing flexible and easy attachment of peripherals, so that DSS-600 series can be adapted to many different types of applications. Peripheral options include 3G support, cameras and RFID readers. DSS-600 series systems are easy for integrators to customize and are targeted to such vertical markets as tourist centers, retail malls, and public spaces for use as large signage kiosk stations; and to campus and schools for use as digital whiteboards.

DSS-600 series displays are equipped with either a 42” or 55” touchscreen which provide a large format for kiosk applications. Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution is supported for crystal clear images. The multi-touch capability available in Windows 7, allows the system to recognize dual touch points from two fingers, with the ability for a user to easily enlarge, shrink, or rotate the display.

DSS-600 series displays are built tough to withstand abuse. In public spaces, vandalism can be a concern for display systems. Not so with DSS-600 series. The chassis are constructed entirely of metal, and the front glass panel is tempered—4 mm thick—and UL-1950 compliant. The systems are secure from collisions and breakage (as may occur from a shopping cart in a retail mall).


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