New “Grounding Station” for Hazardous Areas

Newson Gale’s range of ATEX and FM certified static earthing clamps can now be specified along with a new Grounding Station. The Grounding Station provides a convenient and easy to identify location for equipment or plant items that require earthing protection to guard against the hazards of static electricity.

Up to two static earthing clamps can be connected to the Grounding Station which is, itself, connected to a local verified earth point. If more than several items of plant equipment require static grounding protection, multiple Grounding Stations can be interconnected to provide a secure and reliable path to ground.

Supplied with an eye-catching warning sign and made from tough and corrosion resistant stainless steel the stations can be mounted in operating environments ranging from clean rooms to corrosive atmospheres. The Grounding Station also provides operators with a convenient and highly visible location to stow the grounding clamps when they are not in use.

The new Grounding Station forms part of the comprehensive range of hazardous area static control equipment available from Newson Gale.


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