Kreon Unveils Solano, The New Low-Cost Scanner

After the success of Zephyr and Aquilon, Kreon is proud to present Solano, a simple, fast and accurate 3D inspection solution. Kreon Technologies used its knowhow and experience to create a low-cost scanner, in order to meet the increasing need of companies to save money while investing in high quality products. Solano drew its inspiration from its predecessors and combines high technological performances with a competitive price for the best quality/price ratio.

KREON Solano scanner's characteristics are suitable for reverse engineering and quality control needs in workshop, engineering and design department or metrology room. The versatility of Solano allows the operator to have access to varied functionnalities such as surface reconstruction, scan-to-CAD comparison, color coded visualization of deviations etc. Solano provides a double performance, as it is able to realize laser measurments but also tactile measurements thanks to the presence of a probe.

The Solano scanner is a user friendly and portable technology and easily integrates in existing workflows. With Solano, the operator is able to realize fast measurements -with 40,000 points collected/sec- with accuracy up to 50µm thanks to a 100 mm laser line probe.


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