Forged Design Ensures Compliance Around the Globe

That is where John Crane Indufil can simplify your process as your one-stop resource for filtration products. All Indufil filters have a forged body construction, providing a compact weld-free design that complies with all international pressure vessel design codes, without the necessity for detailed weld certification.

“By eliminating the cumbersome testing process associated with welding specifications,” said Brian R. Adamson, North American Sales Manager for Indufil Products, “time and labor savings are built in. Further, our high performance forging process ensures that Indufil filters meet any design code or specification around the world, including API 614 as a minimum.”

Using a forged process as compared to welding has other benefits as well including elimination of rust points and weld imperfections. John Crane Indufil manufacturers numerous components for the filters in-house, eliminating unnecessary steps and dependence on outside vendors.

Perfect sealing is achieved via an O-ring and back-up ring arrangement, alleviating any issues with gasket bolting forces and potential leakage. Each Indufil filter can be configured as required with associated vents/drains, valving/porting, flanges and fittings to suit every application.

Approved to meet all major international design codes including ASME Section VIII, Division 1 in the United States, John Crane Indufil filtration products have double-seal connections, long studs for extra safe operation and a bolted top cover (no screwed connection). “John Crane’s acquisition of Indufil in 2008 has been extremely beneficial to our customers as we offer the widest variety of seals, bearings and filters for the turbomachinery industry,” said Jeroen Huizinga, Sales & Marketing Manager.


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