Dimplex Launches Air-Eau Inverter Heat Pumps

Dimplex has launched the Air-Eau range of inverter-driven heat pumps, offering energy efficiency and performance, low noise levels and easy installation. With outputs from 6-16kW, the range covers domestic applications from small, well-insulated new build homes, to retrofits in existing homes which will have higher heat requirements. The range achieves very high CoPs of up to 4.7 across a range of operating temperatures.

Designed to work efficiently with underfloor heating, Dimplex Smartrad radiators or conventional radiators, Air-Eau heat pumps offer variable water flow temperatures between 35degC and 55degC for maximum space heating comfort, with weather compensated flow temperature control for improved efficiency. At the heart of the Air-Eau heat pump is a variable speed, inverter controlled compressor, which allows the heat levels delivered to be matched closely to the heating requirements of the building, as ambient temperatures change.

This means that in cold weather heat pump capacity is maintained, eliminating any need for supplementary back up heating, while at warmer air temperatures, heat pump output can be reduced, helping to improve efficiency. A key feature for domestic use, Air-Eau heat pumps have been designed for very low noise emissions; sound pressure levels are typically as low as 50dB at 1m. The new range also features a quiet mode, so noise is kept to an absolute minimum, making it suited for overnight use. The heat pumps are very straightforward to install thanks to the range's monobloc configuration.

With all the system components contained in the outdoor heat pump itself, including heating system circulating pump, expansion vessel and back up flow boiler, only the hot water cylinder and control valve are located inside the building. Additionally, an Air-eau system uses water pipes rather than refrigerant lines to connect the heat pump to the building, meaning there's no need for refrigerant handling expertise. The Air-Eau range is available in a choice of four outputs from 6-16kW to suit a range of applications and can be supplied together with a matched EC-Eau cylinder for easy specification.


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