New Servo Amplifier Accepts 20-100 Volt DC Input Power & ± 10Vdc Analog Command Signal

Midwest Motion Products of Watertown, Minnesota, is pleased to announce the release of a new DC Servo
Amplifier, the Model # MMP-1525-BR-24V. Accepting any regulated DC Input Power, ranging from 20 to 100 Volts DC, this compact, lightweight Servo Amplifier measures just 7.62” wide, by 5.2” tall and 1.0” Deep. Easy mounting is accomplished with slots conveniently located in 6 Positions for flat or vertical Mounting.

The output of the Amplifier is rated for 15 Amps continuous and 25 Amps Peak, for 1 Sec, creating a 2.5 KW
peak power capacity. The ±10V Analog command is scalable, for up to ±35V DC Command. The lightweight unit is delivered in a black brushed-aluminum case, and weighs in at just 1.5 Lbs. An accessory package consisting of a connector and pins is provided so the user can create a custom interconnect, making each unit uniquely suitable for the exact and specific application requirements.

The standard design is equipped with Analog Tach feedback, for Closed Loop Velocity Servo Applications.
The unit can also be driven in the “Current Mode” for non-velocity applications. Other features include Peak and RMS Current Limiting adjustments, and Inputs for the Command, Tacho, Limit switch enable/disable, an inhibit line, Current Monitoring pin, and a fault line, plus several common pins.

The unit is further equipped with a Green “Run” LED, and three fault detect LEDS, for “over-voltage” , “RMS
Over-Temp” and a “Surge/Ground Fault” LED. The input Power and Motor Connections are completed with a
heavy-duty screw down terminal block. All Interconnect and Operational details are covered in the 15 Page
Instruction Manual offered by the Company. Samples are available FROM STOCK for rapid prototyping needs. The Company also supplies Servo Motors and Gearmotors, with and without Analog Tachs, to complete the Servo System.


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