Micro Nozzle Technology for ESAB M3 Plasma System

ESAB Cutting Systems' M3 precision plasma cutting system has been further improved with the addition of Micro Nozzle technology to the ESAB PT-36 plasma cutting torch. Designed for applications involving the plasma cutting of thinner plate, the Micro Nozzle promotes the production of very narrow kerfs and high arc density.

The Micro Nozzle, with 30-60-90 amp versions, has been optimised for cutting thin metal sheet from 2-10 mm. Because of the higher arc densities it can produce, Micro Nozzle can provide precise cutting in most applications. The narrow kerfs also allow small contour cutting for small holes, slots and corners. Micro Nozzle technology is also favourable when cutting copper and aluminium where reflectivity and heat absorption can be a problem.

The ESAB PT-36 plasma cutting torch is available both as a new torch and to retrofit to replace older torches. The M3 plasma system's ability to achieve higher precision plasma cutting with the Micro Nozzle adds to the system's versatility, making it a highly cost effective alternative to laser across a range of material thicknesses.


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