Brüel & Kjær Launches Updated Noise Mapping Software

Leading sound and vibration expert, Brüel & Kjær has made environmental noise mapping much simpler with a more user friendly version of its Predictor-LimA 7810 software – Version 8.1. This latest version has an improved data handling system, an intuitive Windows®-based graphical user interface - and integrated project organisation options for scenario management and archiving.

Predictor-LimA also has improved user support, including a closed website with a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, downloads, license files and instruction videos. It has several new functions, including the recently updated NMPB-2008 method (French road traffic noise method) for calculation of road traffic noise. In addition, the US TNM road noise method is also implemented, providing significantly faster calculations than the TNM software, with the same quality of results.

A wind turbine catalogue option, which meets ISO 9613 method, allows measured data and information from manufacturers to be stored and retrieved, enabling consultants and power generation companies’ to perform calculation of noise from wind farms. This combined version integrates both the Predictor and LimA tools into one powerful software suite. It can accurately model real life, even in complex situations, such as testing road flyovers with noise barriers, allowing regular - and infrequent - users to work more efficiently.

Within the suite Predictor and LimA can be used as stand-alone applications or as one, integrated application with the LimA-link option in Predictor. As Predictor and LimA both use the same fast LimA calculation cores, there is no difference in calculation speed or capacity.


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