Type 3730-2 i/p Positioner

The positioners from the Series 3730 are based on the same model platform and share the same enclosure, mechanical valve travel linkage as well as a majority of the pneumatic components including the fast analog PD controller. All the positioners have the same high air output capacity. Their difference lies in the electronics and the performance linked with it such as operational convenience, functionality, and diagnostic capabilities.

The Type 3730-0 is a low-cost positioner for all globe valves. Its essential features such as the travel range are all set over DIP switches. The Type 3730-1 is extended to operate on all globe and rotary applications. It is easy to commission thanks to an automatic initialization routine. Similar to version -0, the direction of action, split-range operation as well as the tight-closing function can be set over DIP switches. In addition, the DIP switches allow for selection of eight characteristics and output pressure limitation. Equipped with two software limit switches, the Type 3730-1 can monitor the positioning range.

The Type 3730-2 Electropneumatic Positioner is a real all-round talent. Its powerful microprocessor and display readable in any direction make it easy to operate and completely versatile in function. The hybrid technology from SAMSON sets a milestone in positioner development. An unsurpassed positioning performance is achieved by the analog control, allowing the microprocessor to concentrate on other tasks. In the SAMSON positioners, the valve diagnostics are fully integrated and supply the information required for predictive maintenance without the need for additional software. The integrated diagnostics firmware, EXPERT, indicates faults over the fault indication output and shows detailed error codes either locally on the positioner's display or in the TROVIS-VIEW software using the serial interface.

Essentially, SAMSON's smart positioners have the same construction as the Type 3730-2 and share the same scope of functions and air output capacity. Version -3 is additionally HART capable. Version -4 is designed to communicate over PROFIBUS PA, while version -5 supports FOUNDATION Fieldbus with PID controller and LAS function.

The explosion-proof positioners in the Series 3731 are based on the same model platform and use the same hybrid technology as the corresponding versions in the Series 3730. The main difference lies in the explosion-proof enclosure characteristic of the Series 3731. Despite the enclosure, the positioners can be conveniently operated on site thanks to a rotary pushbutton and large display that can be rotated by 180° to adapt it to the installation position. The separate terminal compartment allows for easy direct and indirect connection to cable or conduit systems, without affecting the explosion protection of the enclosure.


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