Renishaw Creates New Business Division for Radio Frequency Products

From 1st July 2011, the business operations of PulseTeq Ltd have been fully integrated within Renishaw as the PulseTeq Products Division, which will specialise in developing a range of radio frequency coils, test objects, and radio frequency electronic products, which have various applications within clinical research, neurosurgery, multinuclear imaging and spectroscopy.

The new Division is based at Renishaw's new facility in Charfield, close to the company's Gloucestershire headquarters, where many of its other healthcare businesses are also located. A key focus is to provide close fitting surface coils, providing the best possible signal to noise ratio for all multinuclear applications.

PulseTeq Ltd was first established in April 2002 by Chris Randell along with a skilled team of people who all had long established experience in MRI, both with Marconi Medical and SMIS. The company worked with academic groups and other companies in collaborative projects to customise coils when required.

Speaking about the formation of the new division, Mr Randell, who is now Director and General Manager of the PulseTeq Products Division, said: “This is a very positive move which will mean an increased investment by Renishaw in its RF coil business, plus it will allow us take further advantage of the extensive resources available within the Renishaw group. The benefit will be felt in all aspects of our business, from product development and production, to sales, marketing and customer support.”


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