Advantech Announces New-Generation RISC Single Board Computer with ARM-based Cortex™-A8 Series Processor

Advantech (TWSE: 2395.TW), a global embedded computing leader providing embedded platform solutions, today revealed its development of a new, RISC-based, Single Board Computer using the latest Texas Instruments OMAP35 Series Processor. The PCM-C3500 with Cortex™A8-based TI OMAP35 600 MHz high performance/application processor with mobile DDR supports OpenGL ES 1.1 & 2.0, OpenVG 1.0, and Direct 3D; PCM-C3500 video supports D1 resolution directly. Advantech PCM-C3500 series units are designed for low power consumption around 2W (3W maximum). These heatsink-free designs are ideal for various low-power applications in industrial control, HMI/kiosk, medical, and portable applications.

Advantech RISC SBCs help designers facilitate RISC system-level designs easily with less than 7W of total system power consumption for a RISC-based 5" or 7” panel PC. Reduced SBC size allows easy integration and implementation into customer designs.

Advantech RISC SBCs offer wide-range temperature support from -40~ 85ﹾ C. Quality and reliability are designed in from component specs on up, not merely implemented via a culling process. Advantech offers industrial-grade RISC computing solutions by providing guaranteed long product life-cycle–up to 7 years–to reduce maintenance costs and save on too-frequent upgrades.


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