SHT21 Humidity Sensor Features Improved Temperature Specs

Following the successful launch of the world’s smallest digital humidity and temperature sensor in 2010, the fully calibrated sensors of the SHT2x family have already won design slots in many applications. Now Sensirion has again significantly improved the temperature specifications of the standard SHT21 version. The temperature range for the tightest typical accuracy of ±0.3°C, originally specified as 25 to 42°C, has been enlarged to the range of 5 to 60°C. In addition, accuracy at the limits of the measuring range has been distinctly improved.

This enables customers to benefit from significant product improvements with unchanged pricing. Along with outstanding longterm stability and low power consumption, very high precision can now be achieved over a temperature range that is significant for many applications. According to product manager Vincent Hess, “this makes the SHT21 specifically suitable for applications with very stringent temperature accuracy requirements.”


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