Miniature Data Logger MSR145 Stores More Than 1 Billion Samples

As of now the versatile data logger MSR145 can be equipped with an astonishingly large memory capacity.
Already being able to retain a remarkable 2 million samples, the memory capacity of the MSR145 has just been given a further boost with an optionally available microSD card (≥4GB). From now on a staggering one billion sample capacity is available via the card, which can be easily exchanged during recording sessions.

This is of particular advantage during long tem measurements, allowing recorded data to be evaluated at any time, whenever and where ever required. Whether during transportation of sensitive goods, monitoring of HVAC installations in building management or for documenting process conditions in industrial applications - there is an endless list of potential applications for this data logger series.

Fact is - no comparable data loggers currently exist that can record as many different parameters in such a compact case as the data logger series of the MSR Electronics GmbH, yet still deliver such meaningful long term measurements.


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