Expanding JAI’s Line Scan Family with the LT-200CL

JAI has launched the LT-200CL - a new prism-based color line scan camera equipped with 3 x 2048 pixels custom-designed CMOS sensors, capable of running at scan rates up to 30383 lines/second with full pixel readout.

The camera features a light beam splitter prism with 3 precisely aligned CMOS sensors that capture the red, green and blue spectral bands in 3 separate channels simultaneously through the same optical path and with co-site* sampling accuracy.

The new LT-200CL follows the recent launch of JAI’s 3-CMOS color line scan camera LT-400CL featuring 3 x 4096 pixels and a 16180 lines/second scan rate.

With the addition of LT-200CL to the product program, JAI now offers multiple resolutions and speeds in this new family of color line scan cameras.

The LT-200 provides a number of advantages in color line scan imaging. Among the advantages are:

    * High resolution/high speed:
    High resolution/high speed camera making it possible to do imaging across wider conveyer belts without compromising inspection speed.
    * Prism-technology giving exact color registrations in all situations:
    3CMOS/prism-based technology with co-site sampling accuracy provides precise color registration and fine edge sharpness in all situations. (No halo effects when inspecting undulating and non-flat objects or if the camera is positioned off-axis).
    * High light transmittance and less color crosstalk.
    Hard dichroic prism coatings provide higher light transmittance than tri-linear color filters for better color representation as well as precise wavelength cutoffs (steep slopes) leading to less color crosstalk and thereby higher color precision (crisp and true colors).
    * Individual shutter control on each color channel:
    Individual channel settings of the shutter time enables the output level for each RBG channel to be adjusted without using the gain function. In this way, white balancing can be performed while the noise in the signal is kept to a minimum.
    * Less expensive illumination needed:
    JAI prism-based technology offers better light transmittance than tri-linear filters, whereby less light is needed in the application.
    * Customization of spectral light filter coatings:
    JAI is in full control of the prism assembly process making JAI capable of offering customized spectral light filter coatings. This is not obtainable with tri-linear camera technology.
    * Lower set-up costs
    A single optical plane simplifies positioning and encoding tasks in each application.
    * Same footprint as JAI’s CV-L107CL
    The LT-200CL and LT-400CL represent a drop-in replacement of the CV-L107CL as the cameras have the same physical footprint and lens mount. Furthermore, the key performance specifications are similar making it easy to upgrade applications to either the LT-200CL or the LT-400CL camera.  


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