New Elmo Ultra-Compact Servo Drive Delivers 7 kW of Continous Power, Allowing OEM Downsizing of Servo Systems

Inmoco is enabling OEMs to downsize their servo systems without compromising on performance, following the company’s launch of the Gold Solo Trombone – an ultra-compact, stand-alone, network servo drive from Elmo Motion Control.

A high power density servo drive designed to operate "Direct to Mains", from a high voltage DC power supply of up to 400 VDC or 750 VDC, the Gold Solo Trombone delivers up to 7 kW of continuous qualitative power from a compact envelope measuring just 111 x 76 x 60 mm.

The Gold Solo Trombone is the latest introduction to Inmoco’s Elmo evolutionary Gold Line family of motion products. The family includes intelligent servo drives, a revolutionary, distributed multi-axis network controller, and a network I/O controller. These products provide seamless connectivity (communications, feedback and I/Os), high performance and ease of operation, to create comprehensive, high performance, yet easy to use solutions for modern motion control systems.

The high power density of the Gold Solo Trombone’s design provides top performance, advanced networking and built-in safety, as well as a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence. The drive is also highly efficient, has high bandwidth performance and supports a wide variety of feedback types, including Incremental Encoder, Resolver, Digital and Analog Hall, Tachometer and Potentiometer. This functionality is complemented by multiple communication options, which include EtherCAT, CANopen, Ethernet, USB and RS-232. The Gold Solo Trombone is powered by a single 18 V – 32 V isolated DC power source (not included), and does not require a transformer. A "smart" control-supply algorithm enables the drive to operate with only one power supply with no need for an auxiliary power supply for the logic.

When combined with the Gold Maestro, the ultimate distributed network motion controller, and the other members of the Gold Line of intelligent servo drives, the Gold Solo Trombone, becomes an integrated part of an advanced system that enables state-of-the-art solutions for the most challenging multi-axis motion applications to be easily implemented, in short development cycles, with high performance. Intelligent Motion Control (Inmoco) has over 30 years experience in the servo drive industry. Inmoco’s products are used in Robots, Machine Tools, Automation, Metal Bending, Handling, Packing, Textiles and Paper (etc.). They are backed-up by comprehensive application and service facilities.


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