IP65 Tunnel Safety Systems from FDB Panel Fittings

UK market-leading panel fittings specialists at FDB have taken a particular focus on an IP65 range of products for the tunnel/traffic control environment, where safety and reliability are of course paramount and primarily involves the use of high quality stainless steel ¼ turn locks, swinghandles and hinges with matching grade gaskets.
In contrast to other types of systems, tunnel safety systems must meet much more demanding reliability and safety requirements. Enabling people to rescue themselves in tunnel emergencies has highest priority, which is why new regulations mandate that escape routes and emergency facilities be placed closer together. It must be ensured that every emergency system always functions properly even after many years of service.

Environmental influences such as dust, acids and high wind pressures from passing vehicles place high demands on the hinges and latching systems of emergency facilities. Traffic control technology has been moving increasingly toward high-tech systems designed specifically to optimize the flow of traffic. The latches used in such systems must reliably withstand environmental influences even after years of service.

The fittings in the FDB tunnel safety series are specified to guarantee resistance to corrosion and security against unauthorized access and are made of exceptionally high quality materials, primarily AISI 316, 316F and 316Ti with sealing performance of IP65 and IP66. When maintenance must be performed, they ensure that personnel can quickly access the system without being hampered by corroded parts.


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