John Crane Engineered Bearings Business Secures Its Market Leading Position

The acquisition of Orion Corporation, now known as John Crane Orion, was completed in May of this year. With two manufacturing facilities in North America, the acquisition extends John Crane’s hydrodynamic bearing design and manufacturing capability across two continents and adds to the existing product range of John Crane Bearing Technology GmbH; based in Germany. The integration of the Engineered Bearings business into the worldwide John Crane sales and service network positions John Crane as a truly global bearings supplier; capable of providing global service at a local level.

John Crane Orion specializes in power generation and turbine drive solutions, supported by John Crane Bearing Technology with their specialist expertise in Turbomachinery equipment such as gear boxes, compressors and pumps. With a combined experience of over 100 years of bearings design and manufacturing, John Crane is certain that it has the competence and capability to provide the most robust and reliable solution to even the most demanding application.

John Crane offers a number of bearing products in shaft sizes from 5/8” up to 60” diameter. These include fixed geometry journal (multi-lobe) and thrust (taperland) bearings, tilting pad journal and thrust bearings, including self equalizing combined bearings for restricted assembly and mounting conditions, and pedestal bearings.
“The addition of John Crane Orion into the established bearings business provides John Crane with a capability to provide bearings support on a global platform,” states Dave Hill, VP Turbomachinery.

The high quality design and manufacturing facilities of John Crane Engineered Bearings ensure that John Crane’s products meet the highest possible standards and ensure that the customer performance and reliability goals are achieved.

Paul Cox, President John Crane adds, “The growth of the bearings business through the acquisition of Orion Corporation is a key strategic step in John Crane’s customer support strategy. The development of a portfolio of products to complement the existing John Crane product offering is a key priority and one which we know our customers value.”


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