CM330 Transmitter with CCS142D Chloromax Sensor Approved for EPA Method 334.0 Reporting

The Endress+Hauser amperometric Chloromax sensor with Liquiline transmitter comply with EPA Method 334.0 for reporting and are the modern approach for monitoring free chlorine in water quality or disinfection applications.  The Liquiline CM330 utilizes Endress+Hauser's inductively coupled, digital communication, Memosens technology to reduce measurement errors and increase process uptime.  Memosens allows pH and free chlorine sensors to be calibrated in the lab then installed and verified in the field.  The free chlorine measurement is pH and temperature compensated to provide the most accurate measurement.

The Chloromax CCS142D is the first disinfection sensor available in the Liquiline water/wastewater series of sensors.  In addition to the Memosens digital technology, the Endress+Hauser electrolyte has been improved to provide the best stability available against changes in process composition and prolonged use in low level chlorine measurement.

Endress+Hauser offers a complete line of disinfection products for free and total chlorine monitoring and control.  Applications range from a single measuring point in the plant to fully engineered solutions including flow, level, pH, turbidity and TOC measurements for plants and remote monitoring stations.

A new method for the use of on-line chlorine analyses for compliance monitoring is determind to be equally effective as other approved methods.


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