Eriez® Model FF Metal Separators Remove Metal Contamination

New Model FF Metal Separators from Eriez® are ideal for inspecting materials under free-fall conditions. These sensitive separators detect all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination including steel, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel--even when it is encapsulated in materials like plastic pellets.

Eriez Model FF Metal Separators provide protection for extruders, injection molding, blow molding and fine grinding mills. This results in less mold and equipment wear and increases production uptime. Product purity is also improved, which is especially helpful with recycled plastics. Model FF Separators offer high scanning sensitivity to all metals. When detected, metal contaminants are rejected through the “Quick Flap” reject unit, which can be rotated to match the position of the reject container.

Model FF’s automatic or manual product compensation allows flexible adaption to product conductivity and its
enhanced signal-to-noise-ratio minimizes susceptibility to electromagnetic interference and vibration. With its low installation height, the Eriez Model FF Metal Separator can be easily fitted into existing pipeline systems.
Eriez Model FF Metal Separators are available in eight pipe sizes from approximately 1” to 9.2” in diameter.
For more information on Eriez’ Model FF Metal Separators, contact Eriez and request brochure MD-404.


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