MSR255 – Miniature Data Logger with LCD Display

The multi-function MSR255 is the first of the universal miniature data logger series to feature an integrated LCD display. It measures and records up to five different parameters and can be equipped with for additional analogue inputs.

When fully equipped the MSR255 comes with four high end sensors for temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and light, which can be customized to be either internally mounted or supplied as remote probes. Added to this is a highly sensitive sensor capable of measuring acceleration in all three axes including a fast peak function. A sample rate of 1600 readings per second for each axis allows the absolute maximum value to be stored once per second. This makes the MSR255 the ideal instrument for shock monitoring.

The four additional analogue inputs with switchable power source can also trigger an alarm output turning the MS255 into a universal data logger with near limitless possibilities. Courtesy of its large internal memory -allowing storage of more than 2 million samples- long term measurements are no longer an issue. All recordings can be quickly transferred from the MSR255 to a PC or Laptop via USB interface.The user friendly software for data capture and analysis is available to users as a free download. Its versatility makes this robust data logger perfect for the most diverse recording and monitoring tasks in virtually every industry sector as well as in research and development.


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