New MicroTCA System Offers Rear I/O for Physics Applications

Electronics packaging specialist Schroff has introduced a compact new MicroTCA system to meet the requirements of the proposed MTCA.4 subspecification for high-energy physics and other advanced test-and-measurement applications.

The physics community has committed itself to adopting MicroTCA as an open standard for future data systems in particle accelerators and similar research facilities. To ensure that MicroTCA fully satisfies the needs of such users, PICMG has now developed a version of the specification known as MTCA.4: MicroTCA Enhancements for Rear I/O and Precision Timing.

The new Schroff MTCA.4 system is an ideal entry-level system for development purposes and consists of a 5U-high, 42HP-wide chassis complete with backplane, power supply and fan.

At the front there are six AdvancedMC slots in double mid-size format, one MicroTCA carrier hub (MCH) slot and one slot for a plug-in 300W PSU, while the rear of the unit provides six RTM (rear transition module) slots in double mid-size format.

With the 5U MTCA.4 system, users can test the board mechanics and functionality of the rear I/Os, including integration of the newly defined MicroRTM modules into the existing shelf management.

To ensure optimised heat dissipation, forced ventilation of the front and rear slots is provided by a built-in fan, which can be controlled by via the MCH.


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