Accurate Measurement of Hydraulic Cylinder Position

RDP Electronics Ltd supply a range of MTS Temposonics sensors that are particularly suitable for measuring the position of actuators.

The magnetostrictive principle utlised by the Temposonics transducers ensures an extremely accurate, highly reliable, long trouble-free performance and also makes them very suitable for installing inside the piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder. Rods are usually installed with the hole at the centre and this is a very convenient space for placing the magnetostrictive transducer. A magnet is positioned on part of the piston and the transducer and rod installed on the cylinder body so that the movement of the piston causes the magnet to move up and down the rod on the transducer. The sensor is entirely enclosed and protected by the cylinder, except for the small electronic head, which has very little effect on the overall length of the cylinder measurement. The RDP Temposonics-RD4 sensors for example have been designed for installation into hydraulic cylinders and are ideal for clevis head cylinders, or any space restricted application. Output data can be displayed in analogue and various digital forms in order to provide easy communication and integration into the existing control systems.


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