19" Electronics Cabinet: Novastar Video Animation Illustrates the Concept and Technical Details

Schroff is now presenting its new Novastar 19" aluminium cabinet in a video animation that can be viewed in the online media section of the Schroff website. This area of the site also contains video animations and films on other topics and products. The Novastar cabinet was specially conceived for the control and instrumentation, laboratory and audio, video and broadcasting segments of the market. The new cabinet features an attractive look, high functionality and flexibility and maximum accessibility to the components housed inside.

The video animation explains the concept of the new cabinet in detail and illustrates both the envisaged user domains and the technical details of the frame, the cladding and accessories, etc. The user can assemble an individual cabinet from more than 30 standard dimensions and a wide range of accessories. Further modifications and alterations can also be carried out if required. With its external frame and internally positioned cladding, the new cabinet offers a space-saving width of just 553 mm but is fully 19"-compatible. With this concept, the new cabinet becomes attractive from an economic standpoint as well.


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