Advantech Embedded Cloud Services- Emb’Store: On-Demand Services for Embedded Computing

Advantech, the embedded platform and integration services provider has just launched Emb’Store, the first Cloud based service specially designed for the embedded and industrial market. Advantech embedded platforms have always offered all kinds of system and integrated software services, and with the arrival of the cloud computing era, they continue to offer an even higher level of embedded software services. Emb’Store is an online, on demand service which offers the latest embedded hardware device drivers, BIOS updates, and API’s, as well as 3rd party applications and specific embedded software.

Emb’Store is Advantech’s new online, on demand website providing cloud-based services for the industrial and embedded market. Based on Microsoft‘s .NET Framework, Advantech developed a user friendly GUI, providing the functions needed for specialist system integrators, but also ready to use for end customers. Until now embedded developers had to choose several different software components to create multifunctional systems. With Emb’Store all these different applications are combined under a common framework with a common look and feel. There are three main benefits to the Embedded Software Suite:
  • Emb’Store Active System Updates means it will automatically detect your platform, connect to the Internet, and allow you to download the latest driver, user manual, or BIOS with just one click.
  • Emb’Store On-Demand Platform Utilities gives you the functions you need—when you need them. You can add PlugIns (Utilities) as you need them, or just delete them if not needed anymore.
  • Emb’Store Open-Framework for OEM Applications allows you to develop your own PlugIns in case you should miss one function, but also if you want to offer your customer additional features.


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