High-Power LEDs for Projection - Up to 30% Greater System Efficiency and Brightness

The wait is now over. The new generation of green OSRAM OSTAR Compact LEDs are now being used in the first miniature projectors. By simply replacing existing LEDs of the same package size you can achieve an instant increase in system efficiency and system brightness of up to 30%, depending on the design. Customers can offer projectors of the same size but with improved performance or projectors with the same performance but with reduced overall energy consumption.

The new green OSRAM OSTAR Compact is what is behind this enormous 30% increase in power. These LEDs contain a blue chip in the latest ThinGaN chip technology and a green phosphor converter. It is twice as bright as the predecessor model and produces a homogenous pattern of light. Without any change in footprint (3.8 x 3.8 mm) the LED achieves a brightness of 410 lm in converted green at a wavelength of typical 550nm. Green LEDs generally have a particularly strong influence on system brightness because a higher proportion of green light than blue or red light is needed to produce white light. The ratio is approximately 60% green, 30% red and 10% blue. These proportions depend on the required color location and may therefore vary.

The prime target applications are miniature projectors for the growing gaming sector and projectors for office and for mobile applications in which projectors are used as add-ons. Several new OSRAM OSTAR Compact LEDs can be used to create lighting systems that can achieve the system brightness value of 2000 lm needed for office projectors. These projectors are capable of uniformly illuminating a diagonal of up to three meters. This used to be possible only with projectors equipped with conventional light sources such as high-intensity discharge lamps.


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