Liquiline M CM330 with Chloromax CCS142D

The Liquiline CM330 and CCS142D are designed to monitor free chlorine in water. The analyzer automatically compensates for temperature and changes in pH and does not require the use of chemicals.

The amperometric free chlorine sensor with Memosens technology saves time in the field by allowing the sensor to be polarized in the laboratory or maintenance building so that all that needs to occur in the field is the DPD calibration slope calibration. pH sensors are pre-calibrated in the laboratory and simply exchanged in the field.

The amperometric measurements with the cost-savings benefit of reduced time in the field make the CM330 and CCS142D the ideal choice for local and remote water monitoring.

The CM330 is suitable for use in dringing water, distribution and monitoring, chlorination and wastewater processes. The Chloromax CCS142D sensor is available with the choice of a high or low level measuring range.
  •     0.05-20/mg/L free chlorine
  •     0.01-5.0/mg/Ll free chlorine


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