Weighing Technology in the Hazardous Ex Area

Measurement technology specialist HBM is now launching the AED9101C-Z2/22, a new version of the AED digital transducer electronics for weighing technology. This has an ATEX declaration of conformity, thus also making it suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

AED transducer electronics process signals from strain gage full bridge transducers in situ, and make them digitally available over different interfaces. They are available, for example, for Profibus, Devicenet or RS232/422/485 serial interfaces.

HBM made modifications to the AED modules, including to the electronics, to enable them be used in potentially explosive atmospheres as well. They now have ATEX95 Ex II 3GD X approval. This also makes them suitable for ATEX Zone 2 (gas), or ATEX Zone 22 (dust).

Users who deploy weighing technology in the hazardous Ex area are thus given the advantage of being able to install the digital transducer electronics in situ, within the hazardous Ex area, without having to take any additional explosion protection precautions.

Applications for the new AED digital transducer electronics can be found wherever weighing technology is used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Examples include the chemical and petrochemical industries, or packaging systems in mills, where dust can accumulate.


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